She moves from Lillebonne to Le Havre, abandoning her dog and her cats without food

A dog and two cats were found in very bad shape after having spent several days without food, abandoned by their owner who had just moved from Lillebonne to Le Havre… This woman was arrested by the police.

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It is the social landlord of a building located in Lillebonne who will give the alert after discovering two cats and a dog “in a state of extreme thinness” in an apartment. Located in Lillebonne, the accommodation where the poor animals were had been left vacant following the move of its tenant. The woman had left the premises, leaving her animals there.

Almost a week without food

Arrested in her new accommodation in Le Havre, the woman admitted, in police custody, “
not having fed his animals every day

“, but ”
we will discover that she almost left them for a week without coming because she no longer lived in the apartment
“says a judicial source.

The three animals were entrusted to “the SPA for the dog and a specialized association for felines for cats”, adds this same source. The woman will be summoned to court in June 2023.

Our video. Evreux SPA, the refuge under tension

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