she leaves him immediately after 2 years of relationship


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It was late and Anne had to give medicine to Guerrilla, her 15-year-old cat, before going to bed.

He doesn’t care

Her boyfriend replied that he didn’t know and the couple looked everywhere for the cat. That’s when Anne saw that the French window was wide open.

Her boyfriend said he must have forgotten to close the door while walking with his dogs and was “sorry” but didn’t really care about Guerrilla’s disappearance.

Anne was heartbroken, not only to have lost her cat but also by the fact that her boyfriend was not very affected by the disappearance of the tomcat.

She has a shock

This tragic moment was a real revelation for Anne.

She realized that her boyfriend not only didn’t care about her pain, but above all he was very selfish in their relationship.

The young woman had to do all the household chores, but also pay the rent, or else he didn’t respect her sleeping hours.

In short, Anne realized that in this relationship that had lasted for 2 years, her boyfriend did not care about her well-being.

The young woman put an end to this relationship and she is doing much better today, even if the loss of her cat Guerrilla left her with a huge void.

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