She feeds stray cats in the neighborhood and notices something unusual between their bowls (video)


Ludivine Mazzotti

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In September, Donna was feeding cats in her neighborhood when she discovered three tiny little kittens. They were new to the cat colony and squeezed between the adult cats.

They trust him

As soon as the kittens heard Donna’s voice, one by one they all ran towards her.

The gray kitten was the first to walk towards Donna, with her two siblings following close behind.

The three furballs immediately started purring when they got near Donna. They ate with appetite then they lay down to take a nap.

The kittens were abandoned on the spot without their mother. At only four weeks old, they weighed less than 450 grams and needed care. Donna did not hesitate to welcome them into her home and arrange a comfortable space for them.

After a bath and a full meal, the 3 kittens took a long nap in a cozy bed.

They regain strength

Donna then took them to the vet to fix their eyes and they began to slowly gain weight.

The lifeguard renamed them Woody, Bryson and Kenzie.

In just one week, Kenzie and Bryson broke the 450 gram mark and caught up with their brother Woody. They very quickly put their muzzle out to explore the garden.

When the three kittens were old enough to be adopted, they were neutered and neutered and then joined the Cats Are People, Too! Club to find the house of their dreams.

Woody quickly won the hearts of a wonderful family with another cat, a dog and two loving human sisters. Bryson and Kenzie were adopted into a big house together.

We wish them all the happiness in the world and great adventures in their new families!

They have grown well!

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