she claims that her father killed at least 50 women

Nine years after the death of her father, an American claims that he would have killed between 50 and 70 women in 30 years. She and her brothers would even have had to help her bury some corpses.

After 45 years of screaming that her father was an assassin, someone finally listened to Lucy Studey. As Newsweek reports, this American accuses her father, who died at age 75 in 2013, of being the murderer of 50 to 70 women in 30 years. Two dogs specialized in locating corpses have already spotted suspicious odors in the area designated by Lucy as the one where the bodies are buried.

According to the latter, the corpses would be near an old well very difficult to access. She knows it well since she claims that she and her brothers would have been forced to help their father transport his victims to this secluded place. “In winter we used a sledge, and when it was warmer, a wheelbarrow. Every time he said we were going to the well, we knew enough. During these journeys, I kept thinking that he was going to kill me because I knew too much”, she told our American colleagues.

Sex workers and passers-by

The American also provided information on the victims, still supposed, of her parent. It would be almost exclusively sex workers to which would be added a few passers-by. Donald Studey reportedly met them in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, not far from where the family lived. Among these many victims would also be a 15-year-old girl. Finally, still according to Lucy, they were all white and almost all had dark hair.

If she has spent more than 45 years telling her story to the authorities, this is the first time that Lucy has really been believed. “According to a teacher, it was a family affair and should not be taken care of. The agents, in turn, told me that they could not trust a child’s memory, but believe me: even now I remember everything down to the smallest detail,” he says. her again. But today things have changed and Kevin Aistrope, the local sheriff, is on his side. “Personally, I firmly believe that there are bodies underground. I find it hard to believe that two dogs specialized in the discovery of corpses can be wrong at the same time”, affirmed the latter. The next step should be the use of sonar to confirm this track which has not yet led to the discovery of a body.

Of prison and suicides

The police therefore opened an investigation which enabled them to discover that Donald Studey had at least had other illegal activities. The man was indeed imprisoned for thefts and drunk driving. According to his daughter, he would also have been involved in drug trafficking and often fought, not hesitating to use a knife if necessary. Finally, the opening of this investigation calls into question the death of some of the man’s relatives. His two wives committed suicide, one by strangling herself with an electric cable, the other by shooting herself in the head. One of his sons also took his own life, aged 39.

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