several tornadoes violently hit the country


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Violent tornadoes hit the United States on Saturday, November 5. Texas and Oklahoma are particularly hard hit.

On an amateur video, in the distance, we see a violent and noisy tornado. It is approaching faster and faster. Residents film the scene with their phones, ignoring the danger. They continue filming until the tornado knocks down a tree in its path. On Saturday, November 5, about fifteen tornadoes like this one hit hard the State of Texas and that of Oklahoma (United States), where more than fifty houses were completely destroyed by winds going up to at 180 km/h. There are ten injured.

Rescuers are looking for people who are missing or trapped in their homes. The firefighters are helped spontaneously by the inhabitants. “I think everyone is safe and sound on my street. As soon as the tornado passed, I went knocking on all the doors to make sure my neighbors were alive and that everything was fine for them.“, reports a man. In the state of Oklahoma, the force of the wind overturned trucks. There was one death and many injuries.

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