sentenced for violence in July, the bipolar lawyer challenges the sentence on appeal

Patrice Brossy had been drifting since last spring, chaining threats and armed violence in La Rochelle targeting his owner, a Mercedes dealer, a cashier or even the president of his order. He had then exhibited mace, machete, alarm pistol or crossbow, played the pepper bomb and imagined a staging, escorted by two strong men. “My appeal is limited to the sentence, I believe that my intentions have not been sufficiently taken into account,” he said on Monday, October 31 before the Poitiers Court of Appeal.

On July 22, the Poitou justice, where the file had been disoriented, had sentenced the fifty-year-old in immediate appearance to eight months in prison with continued detention. More than three months have passed and the lawyer on trial considers that his intentions have sometimes been “misinterpreted”. He then had psychiatric problems and was undergoing treatment.

“It increased my bipolarity instead of regulating it,” he explains. I felt attacked, I reacted badly! I’ve already lost my job, I know I’m going to be fired and I’m going to have to go back to my parents. The lawyers for the civil parties had little taste for this hearing where the defendant acknowledged the facts… Until his attitude and his statements ended up saying the opposite, according to Mes Breillat and Ahouanmenou.

“An insult to the victims! »

Advocate General Frédéric Clot drives the nail even harder. “Your statements are an insult to the victims! It doesn’t really matter what you did, you say? Yes, it is, beyond all reasonable proportion. Your remarks denote a total mediocrity and incompetence. He requested confirmation of the first judgment and continued detention.

“Why this call? It was not my advice, ”laments in the preamble Me Laurent Sillard. “The blow, some of his colleagues felt it coming. He was not well. His discernment was altered during the facts. Now he is much better, and his place, she is no longer in prison. The Poitiers Court of Appeal has given itself time to reflect until November 23. In the meantime, the lawyer who would like to go out to continue to treat himself, but at the Laborit hospital center, has gone back to detention.

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