Senior US diplomat in kyiv to show US ‘support’

A senior US diplomat was in Ukraine on Tuesday to bring the “ongoing supportfrom the United States to this country at war with Russia, a few days before the midterm elections in the United States which could weigh on the aid provided by Washington.

In Kyiv on Tuesday and Wednesday, Undersecretary of State for European Affairs Karen Donfried was due to meet with members of the Ukrainian presidency and diplomats, as well as representatives of civil society, according to a statement from the Department of State. Karen Donfried’s visit comes amid tensions over Ukrainian grain exports, following Russia’s suspension of its participation in the so-called Black Sea agreement. It also comes a few days before the mid-term elections in the United States, on November 8, where Democratic President Joe Biden is playing his parliamentary majority.

US aid called into question

While no one expects a complete reversal of US foreign policy on Ukraine if the Republicans win, their leader, Kevin McCarthy, has nevertheless caused concern in kyiv and among US allies. emphasizing that his party would not sign a “blank check” to Ukraine. Mr McCarthy will become Speaker of the House of Representatives if the Republicans win.

Few senior US officials have visited Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a short trip there in April with Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, then again in September. Support for Ukraine will also be at the center of a meeting of G7 foreign ministers (United States, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Italy) in Munster, Germany, on Thursday and Friday, in the presence of Antony Blinken.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday ahead of the meeting, a senior State Department official, Howard Solomon, praised “the huge cooperationwith the Europeans on Ukraine and said to expect “continuing our discussions on ways to further help Ukraineas winter approaches, as well as on the sensitive subject of Russian oil price caps on which the G7 has not yet agreed. The United States provides tens of billions of dollars in economic and military aid to Ukraine.


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