Seine-et-Marne: a dog discovered in the middle of its excrement in an abandoned pavilion

A dog was found, abandoned in a pavilion in Mitry-Mory. ©Animal Protection Action

Alone, locked up, probably for several days, even weeks, he wandered in a pavilion in Mitry-Mory. A one and a half year old dog, type malinois, was seized on Tuesday, August 23, by the Villeparisis police station. Local residents sounded the alarm.

“We received a report that a dog had been abandoned in a dwelling that had been deserted for months,” explains Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of Action Protection Animale, who immediately alerted the police. After an initial check of the pavilion in question, on Sunday August 21, the police and the association were able break into the house yesterday, Tuesday August 23, at the beginning of the afternoon, by decision of the prosecution.

The dog trapped in its excrement

On the spot, images of horror. The dog is only in a house closed from all sides. The floor is covered excrement. “We picked up about ten kilograms of excrement, to tell you that he had been there for a long time! The smell of faecal matter wafted from the pavilion into the street.

Despite his abandonment, the Malinois does not display extreme thinness. The association assumes that he received croquettes of the neighborhood thanks to a broken window through which one could reach.

The owners soon face justice

Released, the dog was immediately supported by Action Protection Animale under requisition of the Villeparisis police station. “He was very scared at first, but he was also super happy to get out,” says Anne-Claire Chauvancy. Examined by a veterinarian, the young malinois presents irritations and infections particularly linked to the lack of hygiene in the place in which he was.

The association has filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment. The owners of the animal must soon be summoned to the police station to answer for their actions. They face up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

For his part, the dog will be placed in foster care the time of the judgment before being proposed for adoption.

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This is not the first case of dog abandonment in northern Seine-et-Marne. Thursday August 11, a dog and her babies were found in similar conditions in an apartment in Meaux.

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