Secret Story: Barbara Opsomer launches a kitty and gets knocked out!

On Instagram, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) launched a kitty to save a dog. It has angered some Internet users!

Earlier this week, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) shared some bad news with her fans. She had to rush to the vet to save her dog, Milo,

Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) asks for help

Several months ago, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) decided to drop her bags in Morocco. She also noticed that the dogs lived in

Eager to get involved in this animal cause, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) notably adopted two dogs. An adorable white dog she has rescued from the streets. And another dog named Milo.

However, the latter is not doing well at all. And for good reason, he is a victim of parvovirus. It was on Instagram that she announced the very bad news. She then asked his fans for help.

“Well, as you have seen in stories since yesterday Milo caught parvovirus. It is a fatal and highly contagious disease. And who takes away our young dogs. He hadn’t eaten for a week. And grew weaker and weaker.

Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) then revealed: “I went to the emergency vet this morning. He is between life and death. And the vet told me that he was going to try to heal him.

“But that this virus is a scourge for dogs. You know my love and my sensitivity for animals… It’s very hard to wait like that without being able to do anything”.

” It’s a shame “

Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) also continued: “I pray that he finds in him still a little strength. Hospitalization costs are substantial. And I allow myself today to you ask for a little help.

Before asking his fans for help: “So I created a kitty that you will find in my bio. Thanks for him “. A request that has

They wrote to Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story): “If we have to make a donation for the dogs of an association, then we are given the link of the association in question. Rather than redirecting us to a personal kitty, right? It lacks credibility, I find..

“It’s sad for your dog. But asking for money in such a difficult time when you surely have much more money than the majority of people who follow you It’s a shame.

“It’s all well and good to parade around in your life of luxury when you’re unable to take care of your animal. Your request is therefore to vomit! ». Despite everything, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) was able to count on the help of other subscribers.

Several told the young woman that they were going to participate in her kitty. For her part, the former reality TV candidate had already explained that she had lost a lot of money.

In a video for Jeremstar, Barbara Opsomer (Secret Story) also revealed that she had lost a lot. Now she relies on her fans not for her, but to save the life of her little dog.

This Friday, November 11, she also confided that her condition was stabilizing. Case to follow!

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