Seafood products from the St. Lawrence | A new bridge between the river and the plate

A partnership between a collective and a scientific museum will make it possible to better showcase and introduce people to marine products from the St. Lawrence, in particular through the certification of 78 Quebec restaurants.

Posted yesterday at 11:42

Sylvain Sarrazin

Sylvain Sarrazin
The Press

The La Table Ronde collective has partnered with Fourchette bleue, a program of the scientific museum Exploramer, with the aim of creating links between fishermen, distributors and gourmet restaurants in the province, while respecting the guidelines of sustainable development.

Thus, 78 restaurants have just received certification indicating that they showcase more products from the river, including some little-known species, on our plates.

According to the organizations at the origin of this partnership, more than 80% of marine products from the St. Lawrence are exported, while Quebec restaurants mainly source their supplies from abroad.

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