Savings: this incredible and easy trick to reduce waste and save

Food waste remains a very big problem of this generation. On the other hand, this waste constitutes a major challenge for producers, manufacturers, restaurants. But not only, this phenomenon represents a major challenge for us, consumers. It seems all the more real and destructive in this time of great inflation. We therefore tell you everything about this phenomenon, but also the easy solution to implement to fight against waste by saving money.

Food waste: what is it?

Nowadays, a large part of the food produced is wasted by consumers, but also by producers. Indeed, in the world, 40% of the food produced each year is wasted. This waste is 10% of global emissions greenhouse gases. So that explains the high stakes for the government and for us, the consumers. Food waste represents both an ecological cost and an economic cost. France loses more than €100 per person per year. And this, by throwing away food that they consider damaged or even expired. But also leftover meals, even food still packaged. For a family of 4, this represents a substantial budget. By reducing food waste, great savings could be made.

During this period of significant inflation that France is going through, waste is felt even more. In fact, over one year, food prices increased by almost 6.8%, according to July figures from INSEE. Thus, the cost of food waste is an even bigger problem. We must therefore find solutions to save money on food shopping.

But above all, which would be even better, to accompany them with a strategy to stop wasting what has already been purchased. In the current context of galloping inflation, 75% of French people feel a sharp drop in their purchasing power. More and more of them are therefore turning to applications to combat food waste. And this, as much for their ecological benefits as for their economic ones. Today, 38% of French people already claim to use anti-waste applications to save money.

Savings with the Too Good To Go app

If you haven’t already researched food waste apps near you, we recommend you do. For example, Too Good To Go is the fight app against food waste n°1 on French territory. It is part of the government’s goal to halve food waste by 2025. The app allows consumers to order food that is at risk of being discarded daily. And all this while saving money.

How it works ?

All you have to do is download the application on your phone. Thanks to a geolocation system, you will be able to consult the Surprise Baskets that you can then collect around your home. And this, among the 33,000 partner businesses. The baskets can come from a bakery, a hotel, a supermarket, a restaurant, a greengrocer, etc. You will therefore see the name of the merchant, his address and the time of recovery. Baskets contain unsold items of the day at 1/3 of the price. A real saving which seems far from negligible in this period of financial difficulty.

It is good to know that for fruits and vegetables, the application allows you to filter the Baskets Organic fruit and vegetable surprise. Or even those of the greengrocers from those of the supermarkets. Too Good To Go determines a radius around your home that you can then decrease or increase. You can search in another city, near your work for example. Everything is based on a system that is made to make your life easier. All you have to do is pick up the baskets you buy on the app. Simple delicious savings.

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