Sarthe: a teenager and a man attacked by 3 dogs were hospitalized

Saturday afternoon in Noyen-sur-Sarthe (72) southwest of Le Mans, 3 American bully-type dogs attacked a teenage girl and a 30-year-old young man.

The facts occurred in the middle of the day after in the city center of this town of 2,500 inhabitants. A teenager was attacked by 3 wandering American bullies, the dogs bit her on the neck and all over her body. A man who came to help him was also badly bitten.

The 2 victims had to be hospitalized while the 3 dogs and 2 others at their owner’s home were seized. The mayor demands that they be euthanized because the dogs have already attacked another person in the commune and 3 weeks ago attacked a donkey.

Will escrologists and other animal defenders rush to circulate the info as they unjustly did with the Pilarski affair? Our little finger tells us no, as always…

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