Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse publishes images of her baby with her cat that make people react!

The actress Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse shared a carousel of photos of her cat and baby on Instagram and it’s just too cute!

Indeed, the new mother has published photos in addition to offering a message which explains why she lets her baby doll approach her pet, while this decision, in addition to certain images, has caused many Internet users to react. !

Remember that Labrosse and his spouse Marc-Andre Grondin welcomed the little baby about 7 months ago!

“(…) I think my baby and my cat need to be in (supervised) contact to learn to live together. I have to teach him and I count on it. But yes, it’s taking a risk until it’s well integrated. I think we all learn by taking calculated risks. But I would understand that it is not unanimous and that we question the sharing. 🐈explains the mother who is trying a new approach to cohabitation between her child and the feline!

Many in the comments, however, did not tolerate that at one point in the last video the baby pulls the cat’s ears!

However, a few colleagues and friends of the actress still wanted to show their support and love in the comments!

We hope this will be the beginning of a long story of friendship between Sarah-Jeanne’s cat and her baby… and without too much controversy!

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