Russian lawyers overwhelmed with requests for help to avoid mobilization in Ukraine – 04/10/2022 at 11:05

Oct 4 (Reuters) – Russian lawyers say they are overwhelmed by requests for help from Russians seeking to evade President Vladimir Putin’s call to action to fight in Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to countries like Kazakhstan, Georgia and Finland. However, many more remain in Russia and hide from military recruiters hoping to be exempted from military service.

“We work 24 hours a day,” said Sergei Krivenko, the leader of “Citizen Army Law”, a human rights group made up of a dozen lawyers.

“People are being torn from their normal lives,” he adds. “This is a mobilization without time limit in times of war. It can last for months or years. People may not return. It is practically impossible to leave the army. The only solution is death, injury or jail for disobeying orders.”

“Those who come to see us are panicked. They don’t understand what is happening,” adds Sergei Krivenko. “They recruit anyone. And the law authorizes them to recruit anyone.”

The implementation of the mobilization was chaotic, although recruitment was initially intended for those with military experience. Vladimir Putin himself admitted his mistakes, demanding that they be corrected.

Practical sheets, explaining how to avoid mobilization, circulate in number on social networks. Often, they are accompanied by forms to be completed to request a medical waiver or the status of conscientious objector.

(Reuters report, French version Lina Golovnya, editing by Kate Entringer)


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