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Broadcasting of Russian channels by Eutelsat in Russia: RSF seizes the French regulator

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announced on Friday that it had seized the French media regulator, Arcom, to force the French satellite operator Eutelsat to stop the broadcasting in Russia of three Russian channels, “Spearheads of the Kremlin’s war propaganda”according to a press release from the NGO.

RSF seized Thursday, “formally”the Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority, “to ask him to give formal notice to the satellite operator Eutelsat” so that it stops broadcasting Rossiya 1, Perviy Kanal and NTV channels.

“These three channels indeed broadcast throughout the program remarks which, under French law, constitute incitement to hatred and violence against the Ukrainian population, calls for mass extermination or calls for the murder of leaders, even incitement to genocide”says RSF indignantly.

However, the French company Eutelsat, “one of the main satellite operators in the world, distributes to Russia and occupied Ukraine (…) the Russian bouquets NTV + and Trikolor », broadcasters of the three targeted channels, with fifteen million subscribers, or a quarter of Russian households, underlines RSF. Despite their broadcasting in Russia, the three channels are therefore “of French jurisdiction, and in particular of the control of Arcom”says RSF.

This request differs from the measures already taken on French territory by Eutelsat, which notably ceased in August, at the request of Arcom, the broadcasting in Europe of the Russian channel NTV Mir, intended for residents of countries other than Russia, or that of RT in March, at the request of the European Union.

RSF had already denounced in July the activity of Eutelsat in Russia, calling on the operator and the French State – its main shareholder, via Bpifrance – to cease their “contribution to Russian propaganda”. Eutelsat then invoked a “principle of neutrality” and the responsibility of “national regulators”.

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