Rouen. An American staff assaults the police: they shoot him

An American staff attacked police officers and their dog in the heights of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), on the night of Saturday November 12 to Sunday November 13, 2022. (©Illustration/Fotolia)

The police did not hesitate to shoot an aggressive dog. On the night of Saturday November 12 to Sunday November 13, 2022, around 2 a.m., the police were called by a witness who saw a hooded and armed man, rue Newton, in the Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime)district of republican reconquest.

On site, the Anti-Crime Squad (Bac) and the canine squad find a hooded man hiding a rifle under a car. With him, he has an American Staff type dog that does not wear a muzzle and is not attached.

He bites the police dog

The animal is aggressive towards the police, who give it a shot with an electric pulse gun to calm it down. If the American staff moves away at first, he comes back to the charge and bites the police dog on the neck.

The owner of the American Staff then helps the police to make him let go. But the angry animal also bites the paw of the police dog. The officials then use their weapon and injure the american staff in the thigh.

The dog has disappeared

The dog comes back again but the police shoot again without knowing if they hurt him again. He fled and has not yet been found.

The police dog was taken to a veterinarian and had to be sutured to the paw. The man, who had hidden a small caliber rifle under a car, was arrested for possession and possession of a category C prohibited weapon. Aged 29, he was taken into custody.

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