Rodez: Pogo, three times adopted and abandoned, the big rant of the SPA

In the space of a year, Pogo has known three different families but has always been sent back to the SPA in Rodez. The shelter rebels against adopters who abandon their animals so quickly.

Pogo was taken in at the start of 2022 by the Rodez SPA, after his former owners abandoned him. The shelter waited “several months” for a new family to show up, but the 2-year-old dog was back only a week later. “As usual, we did not rush things so that the adoption was well thought out and responsible”, regrets the SPA.

A chaotic start to life for the canine, which has had a third chance in recent weeks… for the same result. “Yet we had received an email that everything was going well, that Pogo was adapting well to his new home. This third abandonment was particularly disappointing since the adopters have reserved a pension for Pogo, and it is the evening of his arrival for this so-called boarding house that they admitted to us that in fact they would not come back to pick him up”.

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“We no longer know whether we should trust or not”

On social networks, the SPA does not take off. “We are supposed to be happy to see our animals leave for a better life but honestly we have reached a point where we have a stomach ache with each big departure, we no longer know if we should trust or not, sincerity seems to be more and more abstract. In the end, we are never certain”.

This time, Pogo would have been brought back because he was “supposedly not sociable with his congeners”, which the SPA refuses to believe: “Pogo gets along perfectly with males and females, he currently lives in refuge with another male. Pogo just needs real introductions with his congeners. But since the adopters have not shown patience, well Pogo finds himself once again at square one.”

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Indignant, the shelter reminds us that we must think carefully before adopting an animal and that we cannot simply take it, try it and then throw it away in the event of a problem. “These people tend to forget that all animals are sentient beings and that it is not enough to come back with a receipt to bring back a defective object. It is the sad reality of our current society, our animals should not not and do not deserve to suffer the lack of respect of the human species”.

“Very affectionate and filled with love,” Pogo now spends his days with his fellow refuge. Waiting for a fourth family, hopefully the right one.

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