Rodeo at Le Pin, inside the Mc Do restaurant

Unusual scene on Monday at Mc Do in Place du Pin. The pilot of a scooter and his passenger had made the bet to enter it. At the exit, the police.

Everything is circulating on social networks. Everything can circulate there, including the craziest and sometimes more or less funny bets. At the beginning of the evening on Monday, the McDonald’s restaurant on the Place du Pin was the scene of a bet that was undoubtedly funny for its instigators, less for the customers and the managers of the establishment.

broken glass

Around 6 p.m., the busiest time of the day in this district, two minors broke into the McDonald’s. Not on foot to order there but on a scooter. They forced the front door, damaging it, and crossed the dining room in the middle of customers. Acknowledged goal of this ephemeral rodeo, to show up on Tiktok, one of the most used social networks today.

The video of a few seconds has been posted online. We see the two teenagers circulating from the front door to the exit with two or three slaloms between the tables. The pilot’s face is not identifiable because he wears a helmet, unlike his helmetless passenger and therefore largely recognizable.

The duo left the scene within seconds, and restaurant managers called the police. As quickly as this absurd incursion on a two-wheeler, a police team got their hands on the two troublemakers. They are not thirty years old between them.

They were not taken into custody but confirmed to police officers that they wanted to remain in the ephemeral posterity of social networks by achieving this resounding feat.


This incident without injuries is a first. Contacted yesterday, the managers of this restaurant did not wish to comment on this rodeo in Mc Do. Their punctual silence did not make it possible to verify by their statements that there was on Monday, as a general rule, a security device and security guards to watch over the grain.

Accompanied by the pilot, the police returned to the scene in the evening. An amicable report was drawn up for the degradation of the entrance window, partly broken by the front wheel of the scooter; It has not been specified the nature of the possible legal proceedings that may target the two teenagers in visible lack of thrills.

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