Robbed and drowned in the Rhine: the alleged killer of the dog “Samy” arrested


BasellandRobbed and drowned in the Rhine: the alleged killer of the dog “Samy” arrested

Taken from its owner in Laufon, the labrador was found dead floating on the river.

The body of “Samy” had been found in the Rhine.


On October 29, the dog “Samy” was stolen from a locked car in Laufon, in the canton of Basel-Country. Its owner had left it there in its transport box with a partially open window, the time of a meal in the restaurant, reported our colleagues from “20 minutes”.

A little over a week later, on November 6, the Labrador was found dead in the Rhine near the German town of Breisach am Rhein, about thirty kilometers from the place of his disappearance. The body of the poor animal was “floating” on the river, then indicated the local authorities, starting from the fact that the animal had been drowned.

Other offenses

The alleged killer of “Samy” could be arrested on Monday, November 14, the Basel-Country police reported on Thursday in a press release. Identified, the individual is a 31-year-old man of German nationality who had a relationship with the owner of the dog.

Due to other offenses in the field of domestic violence, the Court of Coercive Measures Basel-Country ordered, at the request of the public prosecutor, the placement of the defendant in pre-trial detention.

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