Rise in abandonment: the National Pet Show wants to raise public awareness

The National Pet Show (SNAC) begins on Saturday, with the mandate to inform the population about animals, but also to raise awareness about abandonment which is on the rise.

This is what Michel Beausoleil, co-promoter of the show, said.

“We dare to believe that if we change two or three people per salon for 20 years, it will always be a win,” he hopes.

Mr. Beausoleil would like to remind you that adopting an animal raises several issues, and must be the result of mature reflection.

“You have to think about this: will this animal be well in a year or two when I go back to work. Is it okay or not in a condo for this animal, ”he explains.

It is a similar observation made by Anne Pacciarella, employed by ANIMA-Québec.

“There are many people who have discovered the soul of a breeder, and who have discovered that there is no breeder who wants to,” she laments.

Pet adoption has surged during the pandemic, but the Montreal SPCA is also seeing an increase in abandonment.

“So far since the beginning of the year, we have had more than 11,000 abandoned animals at the Montreal SPCA. We expect about 15,000 dropouts this year,” says Élise Desaulniers, Director of Communications at SPCA Montreal.

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