restaurants cancel evening service

Rue de Saint-Malo, the twenty restaurants were mostly full for this Saturday evening. But since the end of the afternoon, they have been making phone calls to cancel reservations, because a gas shortage prevents them from preparing meals. This breakdown was declared around 3 p.m., it affects the entire historic center of Rennes, from Place des Lices to Rue de Saint-Malo, via Place Sainte-Anne.

“Several gas stations have shut down. A total of 350 customers are without gas”, says GrDF, which is mobilizing its teams to carry out the repairs. The difficulty is that in this part of the city, the network is old, with low pressure. “The agents must go to all the customers to close the individual taps, before re-pressurizing the three stations. Then, you will have to go to all the customers again to make sure that the gas arrives safely. »

GrDF agents called in as reinforcements

A long and tedious operation which should take several hours, with agents coming as reinforcements from neighboring departments. “We are doing everything we can to resupply our customers, we are well aware of the inconvenience caused”, continues GrDF. In the meantime, individuals equipped with gas are deprived of domestic hot water.

Professionals, especially restaurateurs, cannot turn on their cooking appliances. “At noon, we did a very good service. But tonight, we have to cancel everything., lament the owners of Burger Attitude, rue de Saint-Malo. In front of their home, a creperie could not serve desserts at the last two tables, during lunch. And this evening, the billigs (the cast iron plates intended for cooking pancakes and pancakes) are at a standstill. A little further on is a fish restaurant which is also forced to refuse customers.

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