Restaurants, beauty institutes… Sens is full of new businesses

It’s a rich year-end in the city center. The heart of Sens beats to the rhythm of the openings and moves of several businesses. We take stock of what is changing in the city of Brennus.

New music workshopThe small shop, open since the beginning of October at 44 rue du Général-Allix, offers new and second-hand wind instruments for sale as well as a repair service. L’Atelier de musique replaces the men’s ready-to-wear store Tony Men. The sign, already present in Auxerre for more than 5 years, has settled down in Sens in the face of the growing demand observed by Coralie Cotteret, the conductor of the place.

Relaxation for toddlersSince the end of September, babies have an appointment with Audrey Chopineaux at 17 rue de l’Écrivain. On the program at O ​​Baby Plouf: enveloping baths and hydrotherapy. Practices straight from Scandinavian countries dedicated to the well-being of toddlers.

Select Auto drives in the direction The brand specializing in the installation of tinted windows for vehicles has opened its sixth location in France. Meet at 82 rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, to darken the windows with approved films.

geek universe Since mid-September, at 45 Grande-Rue, Steeve and Jordan have been welcoming fans of comics, manga and even video games. Upstairs, a corner dedicated to reading is accessible.

A facelift for a restaurant At 17 Grande-Rue, Asian specialties from King of Thai can be enjoyed in a brand new setting. In early September, the shop got a makeover with fresh paint and the addition of a green wall. Small change of schedule, the restaurant is now closed on Mondays.

Return of the cultural space The culture section of the Leclerc supermarket in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens has raised the curtain since the beginning of October after its move.

Mobile telephonyThe Leclerc shopping mall is enriched with the opening of a shop dedicated to the telephone operator Free.

premium Why have supermarkets in Sens set up slots without noise or music?

Cuban atmosphere The Beauty Havane institute at 4 rue Josset has moved to 82 rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, in larger premises with a storefront. In a tropical decor, which highlights her Cuban origins, Ginie Dal offers her eyebrow and lip micropigmentation services as well as facial hair removal. From January 2023, the offer will be extended with various aesthetic treatments such as manicures and pedicures.

A new beauty salon Behind the door of 22 rue René-Binet, this Zbeauty beauty salon, open since October 11, has one objective: to slim and rejuvenate the skin. On the program, various treatments carried out with ultrasound devices: lipocavitation, lipolaser or radiofrequency.

Another movesFormerly located at 1 rue Gaston-Perrot, Douce’heure d’ange moved to 20 rue de Laurencin in search of expansion and visibility. On site, Angélique Danel offers nail services, hair removal, facials and beauty treatments for the eyes.

Flavors of Italy In addition to the market where they have been present for two years now, Mario and Emanuele have opened Casa Polini, a trattoria at 8 rue Paul-Bert. A former art gallery, the premises now offer artisanal Italian specialities: pizzas, lasagna, arancini and many other cooked dishes. The two cousins ​​are thinking of setting up a part to eat on site by next spring.

Camaïeu lowers the curtains The shops at 62 Grande-Rue and the Leclerc shopping mall have definitely lowered the curtain. Following its financial difficulties, the ready-to-wear brand went into liquidation.

Camaieu, ready-to-wear giant with 568 stores in France, placed in receivership

Alexandre Chavance


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