Restaurant vouchers: these new very advantageous rules on their uses

After tough negotiations, the parliament adopted the bill in favor of purchasing power on August 4th. The Constitutional Council validated it a few days later. That brings new changes regarding restaurant tickets. Among other things, we can see a reassessment of its ceiling as well as an update of the terms of use. We tell you everything.

The nature of the products that can be purchased

This will probably be the first thing that will strike you in the changes made to restaurant tickets. Indeed, these can now be exchanged for any food product. And this, whether they are directly consumable or not.

You can buy frozen or canned foods, fresh ready meals, sandwiches, prepared salads and mixed salads. Note, however, that it will still be impossible to exchange restaurant tickets. against alcoholic beverages.

“Until December 31, 2023, restaurant vouchers can be used to pay in whole or in part the price of any food product, whether or not directly consumable, purchased from a person or organization mentioned in the second paragraph of article L. 3262-3 of the same code”, indicates the official journal.

An evolution of the face value

The second development concerns restaurant ticket ceiling. From 1 September 2022, the employer’s exempt share will be 5.92 euros. This will therefore result in a face value of 11.84 euros. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire wishes to raise the daily ceiling of this device at 25 euros.

Remember that it is the employer who decides the amount of your meal vouchers. In reality, the latter are generally only worth no more than 11.1 euros. And this for tax reasons. In 2021, the average was also around 7.7 euros per day, according to the National Commission for Restaurant Vouchers.

The government announced this when it stopped the system which allowed increase said ceiling to 38 euros. Thus, the measure initiated during the health crisis ended on July 1.

It is no longer possible to use them during weekends and public holidays as was the case during the health crisis. And this, unless there is a special provision or authorization from the employer. Remember that during the Covid crisis, the government had already raised the ceiling for restaurant tickets.

Before June 12, 2020, these were 19 euros. Given the situation at the time, they had to be increased to 38 euros. This temporary measure ended at the beginning of July and the ceiling fell to 19 euros.

Where to pay with a restaurant ticket?

The employer is not obliged to distributer restaurant tickets. He can provide his employees with a company restaurant or a place where employees can heat up and store food. When the employer distributes meal tickets, it is necessary to contact the establishments that accept them.

It is possible to use restaurant tickets at the supermarket. However, do not think of using them for buy something other than food. The practice has been strictly regulated since 2010. On the other hand, it is possible to consult the list of points of sale accepting restaurant tickets on the websites of the issuing service providers.

Note that it is normally forbidden for merchants to give change if you pay in restaurant tickets. Although it is not allowed, it is tolerated to pay with two meal vouchers. Finally, the use of these is only possible during the days when you work.

You can thus go to several types of establishments to eat thanks to your restaurant tickets. This ranges from fast food restaurants, traditional restaurants, restaurants located in hotels or even self-service establishments. It is also possible to use them to order a meal or for a click and collect.

You can use meal vouchers until February of the following year. If you have any left at that time, you will have to change them with the authority that distributed them to you. Sure, it will be free. It should be noted that the service providers issuing restaurant vouchers are Natixis Intertitres, Chèque Déjeuner or Edenred, Sodexo.

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