Restaurant ticket or Lunch voucher: new ceiling and new rules in September

As part of purchasing power aid, several changes will take place from September 1 on the use of restaurant vouchers.

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As part of the bill for purchasing power, several measures have been announced by the government to help the French in the face of price inflation and rising prices. One of these measures concerns the use of restaurant vouchers (Restaurant tickets, Lunch vouchers, Endered and Swile cards) whose scope will change, as well as the authorized ceiling, the maximum amount and the exemption from charges.

New ceiling at 25 euros

From September 1 (and until December 31, 2023), the daily authorized payment ceiling is reduced from 19 to 25 euros. It had been increased to 38 euros during the health crisis. This ceiling applies to both restaurants and food businesses (retail or supermarkets). In shops, they can be used not only for what may constitute an immediate meal (current rule) but for all food products (perishable or not). Concretely, until now you could use a restaurant ticket to buy ready-made pancakes at the convenience store, now you can use it to buy flour, butter, eggs and milk. ” Restaurant vouchers can be used to pay all or part of the price of any food product, whether or not it is directly consumable. indicates the decree published in the Official Journal on August 16.

Another measure related to restaurant vouchers which must come into force: the threshold for exemption from social security contributions which is increased from 5.69 euros to 5.92 euros, which increases the employee’s tax exemption by the same amount. , says Capital. Raising this threshold increases the maximum value of the security from 11.38 euros to 11.84 euros.

No change, however, on the return of change, still prohibited (even if some merchants or restaurateurs derogate from it), and on the use on weekends and public holidays, which can always be refused to you.

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