“Restaurant of the second wife” in Fez causes scandal

October 29, 2022 – 8:40 p.m. – Written by: AP

Authorities last week raided the Fes-based Michwate Zaouja Tanya (Second Wife’s Grill) restaurant to call to order its promoters who are illegally occupying much of the public domain.

The owner of the restaurant suspected of promoting polygamy was asked to respect the laws in force regarding pergola and terrace. Several youtubeurs and media have mobilized to cover the intervention of the authorities, let it be known The Economist.

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For his part, the owner of the premises would also have prepared his staff to make “very virulent” statements to the press such as: “Where will we go if you jeopardize the business of our restaurant? We will simply go and steal and attack the citizens”.

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