REPORTAGE. Food waste: The “zero waste” rays are popular… “I save money and I avoid the store throwing away”

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From the biggest like Leclerc, to smaller structures like Carrefour city, Mie Câline, Marché d’Orient, Casino or Netto, all the stores in Albi take care to limit food waste. Charities or customers looking for promotions, on site or via sites like Too good to go or Phénix, everyone is there.

Tuesday August 16, 8:30 a.m. in Albi. Netto opens in half an hour. Lucas, Clément and Stéfan go around the shelves and pick out around thirty products that are approaching the use-by date. Mainly salad, and also some meat and yoghurt. Lucas calculates the new price with 34% off, right on time for the opening! The first customers of the day rush to the short-date product bin, which is once again busy. The volunteer from the Pain de vie association will come back this Wednesday to collect a stock of chips that have expired since August 13 but are still crunchy as long as they are eaten quickly after opening the bag. “We adopted this device 4 months ago. Since then, we throw away a lot less, ”congratulates a Lucas happy to make people happy, while prices are soaring.

In the grocery department at Casino, Mireille has two gondola ends for dry products at the consumption limit.

Same observation in the Casino supermarket in the city center. Recently, Mireille switched to two “zero waste” gondola heads in the grocery department. There are still coffee pods, organic cocoa powder for breakfast and even beer. “Everything has a use-by date, but these products don’t risk anything,” explains Mireille, who goes up to 50% off when she has to “patch up” damaged packaging.

At the other end of the store, in front of the fresh produce bin on a short date, Michèle, 75, had come to get minced steaks for the evening meal. Bad pick. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll take them at the normal rate. I’m one of the privileged people, that doesn’t bother me. But I always come here first, I can’t stand food waste. “A legacy of the period when she worked in health summer camps.

Michele had close to the minced steak on Tuesday evening.  Failing to find any in the anti-waste tray, she fell back on the normal department.

Michele had close to the minced steak on Tuesday evening. Failing to find any in the anti-waste tray, she fell back on the normal department.

“We should educate young people, teach them to buy, perhaps to cook more at home; it costs less, explains Michèle. And even in the canteen, using just what you need so as not to throw it away is an education too, ”smiles the dapper retiree.

On Too good to go, the baskets leave in a few seconds

Noon, the specials bin is almost empty. Ditto at the Leclerc des Portes d’Albi, the biggest brand in the city. Jérôme, the store manager, is a master in the art of avoiding waste. “Over the past two years, we have reduced the volume of discarded products by 50%,” he says. Result, barely 50 to 60 products per day in the anti-waste bin. Catherine, 56, stops on the off chance and chooses Roquefort. “Look, I didn’t have that on my shopping list. I wouldn’t have bought any if I hadn’t come to see this bin. The cheese, the more the date is exceeded, the more I appreciate it. Well, especially my husband,” laughs the teacher, thinking of her students. “Them, a consumption limit reached, they throw away! While it is enough to sniff to see if a product is still edible! »

“Yoghurts can be eaten quietly 15 days after the expiry date”, confirms Thierry, who came from Labastide-de-Lévis to do his shopping for the week with his daughter. Yoghurts, well, it is possible that there are some in the baskets put online at 5 p.m. on the Too good to go app… or not! “We offer 12 a day, fresh produce, bakery, butcher or fishmonger. They leave each time in a few seconds, I’ve never seen that,” confides Jérôme, amazed by the phenomenon. This slightly more connected clientele is also found at the Carrefour express on the Place du Maquis, which prepared three baskets for today’s date, yesterday. “They were picked up in three minutes. »

Zoubeyr: “What hurts my heart is throwing away, so I give to people in need”

“With us too we are on Too good to go, confides Mireille to Mie Câline. We make baskets of €15 sold for €5. And on the Phénix site, we offer baskets of 12 € sold for 3.90 €. For the rest, we give to the Red Cross and the Secours Populaire. Humanitarian associations are thus the last beneficiary of products that have expired. Example with the Marché d’Orient which distributes €7,000 of dry products per year between Pain de vie and Restos du Coeur. “What hurts my heart is throwing away, justifies Zoubeyr, when there are always people in need who deserve. »

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