Rachel, the dog found dying in Agde, will be defended by a lawyer invested in the animal cause

On the night of October 3 to 4, Rachel, a Cane Corso dog, was brought to the veterinary emergency room in Agde with huge wounds to her limbs and several body parts.

The veterinarian’s report then explained that the animal had severe abrasions, but also that the skin was raw in places and that on one leg the pads were peeled and a nerve was exposed.

The association “Never without your dog” then took over the veterinary care and filed a complaint against the guardian of the dog. The owner being, meanwhile, in detention in Brittany for acts of drug trafficking. Since the animal was placed.

Traces on the vehicle

Since then, the police investigation seems to be stalling. However, it appears from a witness statement that a vehicle has been identified. It is a van that was found not far from where the dog was picked up. It belongs to the guardian of the animal. On the latter, traces of blood were discovered on the wheels as well as on the bodywork at the front of the vehicle.

That’s not all, a piece of rope corresponding to the one the dog had around her neck is still hanging on this vehicle.

The association “Never without your dog” seized a lawyer from the Marseille bar to defend the interests of the animal. Me Isabelle Terrin, who is president of the association Animal Defense and Dignity, is now following this file very closely and has chosen to work in collaboration with a lawyer from Béziers, Me Dorothée Salvayre “who is a fighting partner and defends the animal cause. We intend to bring justice to the suffering of defenseless animals and enforce the law! Thanks to Animal Defense and Dignity, they now have lawyers. Today, I defend real victims.”

Finish your Career for Animals

Me Isabelle Terrin has chosen to end her career by defending only the animal cause. She explains that she has learned a lot from her years in the courts and wants to devote all her energy to it. “I made this choice to defend the most vulnerable because they deserve it. I drop the human in favor of the animal and I plead as if it were a person.”

“We have no certainty about the author, explains Me Dorothée Salvayre in Béziers. This is the reason why the Animal Defense and Dignity Association filed a complaint against X. We have elements and we can only note that Rachel suffered serious abuse and that there are aggravating circumstances in addition to the abandonment of this female dog.”

Me Salvayre, very attached to the animal cause, thought of developing her activity during confinement. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt it was going to go wrong with this animal buying craze. I made this choice to come to plead out of conviction and it’s a few days before the Rachel’s story so that I joined the defense association of Me Terrin.” A decision that will give him work on the Biterrois. Alas!

Defend the voiceless against the cowards

For the president of Defense and Dignity of Animals, animal rights are fallow rights. “The legislator, explains Me Terrin, considers that the attack on the dignity of animals and their integrity is a right and on the other hand justice is overwhelmed to deal with all these cases. In addition, it is a very divisive subject. For me, the animal has the right to be defended for itself because the person who attacks an animal, who harms it, is a coward.”

This is how, for several years, the lawyer for the voiceless has been helping associations in their legal proceedings. “Defense and Dignity of Animals supports all the legal financial burden of the steps because they do not have the financial means.”

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