Qatar 2022: Presentation of the United States

Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022: Presentation of the United States

Published on November 3, 2022 at 8:40 p.m.

The World Cup is fast approaching and for this occasion, le10sport offers you a presentation of each team present in Qatar. Fourteenth episode of this series with the United States, member of Group B which includes England, Wales and Iran. Here’s what you need to know about the promising American selection.

In Qatar, the United States will participate in their 11th world Cup. The Americans were absent in 2018, a first since 1986. This year, they want above all to build and forge a group with a view to shining at home in 2026. It is a Global hinge for them.

Presentation of the selection

The American selection arrives in Qatar as the 16th nation in the standings Fifa. At its head since 2018, the American Gregg Berhalter. He had taken the reins of the selection in order to best prepare this Global in Qatar, when its players watched the other nations in Russia. A successful bet for the American federation since it has a good record: 30 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses. Football is only a secondary sport in the uncle sam country, and again, but it begins to grow. It is thanks to this recent talent factory that the Americans qualified.

America’s qualifying journey

Like the zone playoffs South Americathe area selections North America, Central America and Caribbean are united in a single group where the first three are directly qualified. TeamUSA did not want to repeat the same mistake that had cost him qualification in Russia. So the men of Gregg Berhalter provided the essentials by taking the last qualifying ticket directly behind the Canada and the Mexicoand in front of the Costa Rica, the Panamathe Jamaica, salvador and the Honduras. In 14 games, they have won 7 times, drawn 4 times and fallen 3 times. The UNITED STATES are also the second best attack in the group with 21 goals scored.

The United States’ program at the World Cup

The United States will be in the Anglophone and Diplomatic Group B of the Global With l’EnglandWales and the‘Iran.

21 November : United States – Wales
November 25: England – United States
November 29: Iran – United States

The player to watch

The winger of Chelsea Christian Pulisic will be the player to follow on the American side. He is unquestionably the star of the team, the flag bearer of football in the United States and also the most popular footballer in the country. Winner of the Champions League in 2021, he has the experience of major events. At 24, he has scored 21 goals for 52 caps.

The editor’s prono

You should not miss its entry on the American side. If they want to hope for a qualification in eighth, it will necessarily pass by a victory against the Wales. L’England is not at its best and an exploit is possible against the men of Gareth Southgate. The trap match will face theIran because this meeting will be much more than a football match, an undeniable soft-power tool. In fact, the Iranians will want to take revenge on the Americans. Qualification for the eighth is possible but it will not go further.

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