Pyrénées-Orientales: from Montner to Dubai, the incredible journey of chef Yvon Rossignol

Yvon Rossignol is about to start a new life in the United Arab Emirates. At just 34 years old, he became the chef of a new restaurant which opened in Dubai in mid-November.

From Montner where he started, alongside Pierre-Louis Marin (Auberge du Cellier), to Dubai where he opened a restaurant, everything went very quickly for Yvon Rossignol. The one who was Best Apprentice of France (Maf) in 2007 seems not to set limits. After some time spent at Montner, he decided to leave for other horizons and became party leader for a triple star. An experience that left him with a bitter taste and made him want to fly on his own. He opened his restaurant in Ille-sur-Têt, Saveurs des orgues. A dozen seasons to make its ranges and especially to refine its trademark with some “signature” dishes like Eggs without themcrème brûlée with foie gras or fillet of beef, candied lemon and black garlic.

What I like is the challenge!

Then comes the Covid crisis, its confinements and other curfews. The vast majority of restaurateurs find themselves at a standstill. But the man is full of resources and does not intend to stay crossed forks. He decides to turn the tide and offer his services at home. A first attempt and a masterstroke as orders pour in and the chef carries his tattoos around the department and beyond. Yvon Rossignol believes he has his recipe right. However, a few months ago, two Catalan investors contacted him to make him an offer. The aioli immediately takes between the three men and the project is launched. After three years of meetings and travels (he cooked in Courchevel, Monaco, for certain stars like Muse…), the SCF (without a fixed kitchen) once again changed its tune. “Not without a pang in the heart, but many of my clients have told me that they would come to see me”.

Yvon Rossignol in the business district of Dubai.

“Trocadero Dubai” will now be the name of his pharmacy. With a hundred seats, the restaurant is located in the business district of Dubai (Dubai international financial center), in the middle of futuristic buildings, gourmet restaurants and renowned art galleries. “It’s a bistronomic Parisian restaurant, I have carte blanche on the menu where customers will obviously find my signature dishes. In Dubai, there are French restaurants, but they don’t really offer French cuisine. We, that’s what we want to offer. That’s why a large part of our team will be made up of French people like the room manager or the pastry chef. We’ll make our own bread…”. The young chef who already has solid experience knows that the hardest part is yet to come, but no matter “I’m under pressure, everything will have to be impeccable. Over there everything is square, but what I like is the challenge, it’s the place where you have to be! And then, I will have one more story to tell.”

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