Purchasing power: the secrets of butchers to feast without breaking the bank

Rising energy prices and livestock production costs are having a direct impact on the price of meat. Thus, INSEE announces an average increase in the price of meat of 10.2% in August 2022, compared with the average increase of 7.9% for other foodstuffs. All meats are concerned: beef (+ 10.2%), lamb (+ 10.5%), pork (+ 7.3%) and even poultry, whose situation is aggravated by avian flu (+14.6%). Under these conditions, how can we continue to buy quality meat? Admittedly, supermarkets offer meat trays at bargain prices or seemingly affordable ready meals. But do we really know what we are buying? Contrary to preconceived ideas, it may be more interesting to turn to your butcher, and ask him for pieces adapted to your tastes and your wallet. He knows them well, and most of the time he will be able to share a multitude of preparation tips.

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