punctures create chaos on the highway! (video)

In the United States, about thirty cars stopped in an emergency right on the highway. The reason ? Punctures caused by nails on the road! To see in video.

It is written that the scenes the funniest happen largely in the USA. Imagine: you are calmly driving when you see thirty cars at a complete stop at the same location.

This is a clown of feeling that had to go through the viewers of this scene at least surprising. Discover the images thanks to a YouTube video.

Thirty cars stopped on the highway

This is a funny scene which occurred in the United States, and more precisely in Los Angeles. Indeed, about thirty vehicles had to stop at the same time and same place.

Pictures can do smile. And no, it’s not a scene apocalyptic of an upcoming Hollywood movie.

The car drivers they had to stop and get out the puncture repair kit and spare wheels. To note that no injuries has been reported in this story more than funny.

Nails on the road

None Safety Car could not be deployed on the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles. The cause of all these punctures? A box of nails and blocks of wood that would be fallen down of a truck according to local authorities.

enough to create the mess on the California highway. Some observers believe that it is potentially a maneuver intentional.

Hard to believe this version. However, Internet user says that some companies are able to go far to pass a message.

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A voluntary act?

The user in question is a former technician from a tire manufacturer. He affirms that his former employer would have him already asked to throw nails in the road.

The goal of such action being to oblige motorists to buy tires in order to to redeem it.

Serious assertions that can put in danger road users and The passengers.

As a reminder, the puncture of a tire can lead to its explosion. In all cases, the motorist risk of loss of control of the vehicle, which can create an accident.

It is now at the police from the California Highway determine the causes of this surprising image.

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