professionals call for the regularization of immigrant workers

In lack of staff, some restaurateurs want the rapid regularization of immigrant workers to solve the problem.

Between 200,000 and 300,000 jobs are to be filled in catering in France. To overcome the lack of manpower, some professionals are calling for the rapid regularization of immigrant workers. This is the case of Alain Fontaine, president of the French association of master restorers.

Since the health crisis, the latter kept his restaurant closed on weekends. When reopening 7 days a week, Alain Fontaine struggled to recruit six additional employees. “There are young people that we have trained, who become adults but that we cannot employ because they are not regularized”, he laments.

According to Alex Kado, who arrived in Paris from Cameroon 4 years ago, the administrative process to obtain French papers is long and complex. He was able to be regularized after a work-study apprenticeship in the kitchens of Alain Fontaine’s restaurant.

But, today, “there are a lot of young people who are waiting for regularization to be able to learn, he assures us. They can’t find an appointment and I find that a pity.

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