Product reminder: never eat these wraps if you have allergies, it’s dangerous!

The government site, Rappel Conso, has launched an alert on wraps that are the subject of a product recall. If you have allergies, do not eat them. We tell you more!

A health scandal that shook the country

A few months ago, the Buitoni affair shook the whole of France. Several children have lost his life because of Pizzas Fraîch’Up. These were contaminated with E. Coli bacteria.

The latter can be very dangerous, and in the case of the Buitoni case, it proved deadly. Since this terrible health tragedy, the authorities have decided to show more vigilance.

If she checks the products sold on the supermarket shelves, some escape vigilance. This is when the Rappel Conso site comes into play. The site reveals the items that are the subject of a product recall.

On the internet or on Twitter, Rappel Conso alerts the French to products that should not be consumed. But that’s not all. Everyday items may also be the subject of a product recall.

This is particularly the case with children’s toys, for example, which can be very dangerous. But that’s not all. Hazardous household appliances may also be recalled by Rappel Conso.

Wraps are the subject of a product recall

It is necessary to remain very vigilant in the face of the indications of the Rappel Conso site. On October 20, the site revealed the two foods that were the subject of a product recall. These are ready-made wraps.

Sold by Monoprix throughout France between October 17 and October 23, these famous wraps are the subject of a product recall for a good reason. They can have terrible health consequences.

Reminder Conso has also revealed the reason for the recall for these wraps: a labeling reversal. The presence of sesame and mustard is not indicated on the basil chicken. But that’s not all.

The sweet potato wrap houses also does not mention that it has milk and egg. An error that can therefore be very dangerous for people who have allergies to these foods.

Recall Conso also revealed the batch number of the products affected by this product recall. Namely: GTIN 3350033061637. All lots. Use-by date 23/10/2022.

And GTIN 3350033720787. All lots. Use-by date 23/10/2022. Before specifying that the health mark of the products is BE B747 CE.

Dangerous products in case of allergies

If you have these wraps at home and have allergies, the Consumer Reminder site reveals that it won’t shouldn’t eat them. Several choices are therefore available to you if you have already purchased the prepared meal.

At first, you can destroy it. You can also contact customer service. If you want get a refundyou will have to bring the wraps back to the store at the point of sale closest to you.

Rappel Conso, who launched this new product recall, also gave a phone number if you want to know more. The number of the government site is therefore 0800084000.

One thing is certain, the French no longer know what foods they can consume with confidence. With the many “product recalls”, some people find it increasingly difficult to believe in the good hygiene of industries.

It remains to be seen whether the authorities will be more vigilant. To be continued !

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