Product reminder: above all, do not eat these cheeses sold everywhere in France, they are contaminated!

It was this Friday that the official government website Rappel Conso updated its list of products subject to product recall. But the product against which this recall goes affects a lot of French people. In fact, it is a very popular cheese in France and in many stores. However, the latter could well be very dangerous for health. It would be detected metallic foreign bodies who might well hurt consumers. This is why the government site calls for bringing back and above all not consuming the products concerned. We’ll explaine everything here.

A very difficult year

Since the beginning of this year, the daily life of the French has changed a lot. In fact, it was at the end of January that tempers flared among our neighbors to the east. Due to the hold, many global trade relationships have come to an end, or can no longer be made. But this has serious consequences for civilians, especially for the French. So, with inflation, shortagesbut also product recallsit becomes difficult to turn normally.

Indeed, since global trade relations can no longer take place, for lack of desire or possibilitymany shortages are to be feared. Because, it turns out, that many imports from France concern basic products. For example, lack of mustard comes from import concerns. It turns out that most mustard seeds come usually from Canada. But the drought that this country had to face last year caused the loss of many crops. So, even if it does not concern product recalls, it is still some that the mustard has disappeared from the shelves.

Product recalls

And if inflation is a direct and most concrete consequence of global relational concerns, product recalls have nothing to do. Indeed, many products seem to have been under scrutiny for several months. Thus, when a Frenchman manages to find a product which is not in short supply, and which does not have too many consequences of inflation, there are high risk for the latter to be subject to a product recall.

In fact, it makes several months that many products are recalled. All for the same reason: they represent a danger for the consumer. So to keep the French informed, the government has set up an official site called Rappel Conso. The latter lists and regularly updates product recalls.

On this site, you can see all the products subject to a product recall, but also why and what to do if you have it. In addition, each product is identifiable thanks to information written on the packaging. Whether batch number, product name, GTIN number, etc. But this Friday it is a cheese that has been recalledthe goat cheese.

Goat cheese

It is therefore this time goat cheese that is the subject of a massive product recall in France. It seemed to be sold in different forms, and different brands by many distributors. Thus, it is all of France which remains affected. The cause of this recall comes from metallic foreign bodies which seem to be contained in goat cheeses. And the latter could thus injure consumers.

The list of goat cheeses subject to product recalls is quite long. We thus find: President : Fondant log of goat cheese, Sainte Maure and Log of goat cheese, Monoprix: Sainte-Maure, La Chevrie : Goat log, Leader Price : Sainte Maure, Franprix : Sainte Maure. But that’s not all. There is also Casino : Sainte-Maure goat cheese log, Silver Oak : Goat log, Pasture : Goat log, The crusaders : Goat log, Amy Bique : Goat log, Bellay : Log of goat cheese and Goat log. And finally Crossroads : Goat log, U : Sainte-Maure and Goatfin : Sainte-Maure goat cheese log.

Thus, if you know that you have one of these products, you must go to the Rappel Conso site, in order to check identifying information of your product. If your product is therefore part of this product recall, you should not consume it. You can destroy it Where bring it back to the store for a refund.

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