Product recall: this basmati rice should not be eaten

Reminder Conso informed about the presence of aflatoxins in packets of basmati rice from the Franprix brand. It is therefore recommended that people in possession of this rice do not consume it.

Be sure to check your cupboards! If you’re planning to cook rice, make sure it’s not Franprix brand basmati rice. For good reason, an abnormal presence of aflatoxins was observed. These are toxins produced by molds, which generally grow in warm and humid regions, such as in Asia.

Marketed since 1er January 2021, these packets of rice are sold everywhere in France, until November 4. They bear the GTIN number 3263850564413. To recognize them, it is a 1kg package, the maximum durability of which is January 11, 2023, specifies the government site Rappel Conso.

As a reminder, aflatoxin does not present an immediate risk to health. However, excessive consumption of this mycotoxin could cause chronic poisoning. According to the European Food Safety Authority, diarrhoea, vomiting and weight loss are among the symptoms. The liver can also be affected.

It is therefore recommended not to consume this rice and, in the best case, to bring it back to the store where it was purchased in order to benefit from a refund.

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