Product recall: these baguettes dangerous to health are recalled urgently!

This product recall campaign dates from a few days ago. The presence of dangerous elements prompted the alert. All the details in this article.

Do not eat!

food scandals have been chained since the beginning of the year. One product recall recalls another until we are no longer amazed. On the other hand, being attentive to this type of alert allows us to avoid tragedies.

In fact, when we talk about a food scandal, we cannot forget what happened with Buitoni pizzas and Ferrero chocolates. After charcuterie, meat or even marshmallow bears, it is now the baguettes that are talking about them.

For good reason, we noticed a wire-like foreign body in these products. A presence that could well damage the digestive tract of those who will consume it.

This set of chopsticks features a significant health risk. Those who eat it could hurt themselves or experience adverse effects. We therefore recommend that you avoid consuming it.

The product concerned is the 250 g organic multigrain baguette, which comes from the Franprix brand. We were able to find it in the self-service department in a bag. Here is his lot: GTIN 3263856780916.

If you have purchased any, we advise you to bring these chopsticks back to the store for get a refund. This is notably valid until September 24, 2022.

Lidl recalls smoked salmon

A few days before the product recall concerning the baguette, we had already been forbidden to eat other food products. We particularly remember smoked salmon which Lidl itself had recalled.

If the sign had prohibited the consumption of a lot in particular, it is because it presents a great danger to health. Indeed, as stated by Rappel Conso, “a self-check revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes” in smoked salmon.

Note that listeria can cause fever, with or without headaches, as well as body aches. In case you have these symptoms, it is best to go to your doctor as soon as possible. Also, this disease often appears in pregnant women and the elderly.

Immunocompromised people can also be victims. It is particularly important to know that listeriosis is a disease that can be serious. Its incubation period can extend up to eight weeks.

Thus, we advise you not to swallow this recently recalled smoked salmon. He was sold in several Lidl stores between August 6 and 31, 2022. The packets consist of two slices of organic Scottish smoked salmon. Their barcodes are as follows: 4056489615200 and his lot is the F2100385.

Product recall of jars of jam and marmalade

The consumption of this product has been limited to August 31, 2022. Carrefour also recalled jars of jam and marmalade some time ago. For good reason, we noticed metallic foreign bodies in this product.

We also did a product recall about surimi because of“an organoleptic defect probably due to microbial development”.

Product recall: A recalled bicycle

While product recalls mainly concern food products, this can also affect non-edible products. The proof ? A bike was recently recalled.

This Wayscral folding bike can indeed endanger the person riding it. Consumer reminder had revealed the fragility of the weld on the stem head of the bike. Thus, driving it can cause a fall, which could therefore injure the person who used it.

The affected product is the Takeaway 200 model bicycle. These are Norauto stores who sold them between July 27 and the August 5, 2022.

Here are the affected lots:

  • D20 0287
  • D20 0297
  • D20 0480
  • D21 0427
  • D21 0728
  • D21 1160

It is therefore not recommended to use this Wayscral folding bike because of the risks involved. If you have one at home and it corresponds to the details mentioned above, it is best to return it to the Norauto store.

Thus, you can repair them until September 12, 2022. For information, call customer service at 800 105 106. The editorial staff invites you to find out about product recall campaigns to avoid the worst.

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