Product recall: several batches of Granola may contain fine metallic particles

Packets of LU brand Granola cakes are being recalled due to the presence of fine metal particles in some products.

This is a nationwide recall facing the LU brand and millions of consumers. The Rappel Conso site notified, this Friday, October 21, that the packets of cakes from the Granola range were subject to a recall due to the presence of fine metallic particles in certain products.

Products to be returned to the store for a refund

The products affected by this national recall are the packets of Milk Chocolate Granola, sold in pairs, with a use-by date of June 30, 2023, as well as the 195-gram dark chocolate Granola, which has May 31, 2023 as its expiry date. expiration date.

The following batch numbers are particularly targeted: OCE0123911 – OCE0123912 – OCE0123913 – OCE0123921 – OCE0123922 – OCE0123923 – OCE0123931 – OCE0123932 – OCE0123872 – OCE0123873 – OCE0123911.

The procedure for the recall of these food batches is valid until November 21. According to Mondelez, manufacturer of these products, it is possible to be reimbursed by bringing these products back to the store.

The other products of the brand are spared and the manufacturer assures that “the other batches of Granola dark chocolate and Granola milk chocolate products can be consumed normally.”

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