Prize: Operation “Yummy, a Eureka dish!” start slowly but surely

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It has now been two months since the operation “Yum, a Eureka dish!” is thrown. The aim is to associate the restorers of Grand Figeac with the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphs by Jean-François Champollion. The beginning is, for the moment, mixed.

“Yum, a Eureka dish!” was born as part of the celebration of the bicentenary of the discovery of hieroglyphs by Jean-François Champolion in the town of Figeac. The Tourist Office has teamed up with local restaurants: the goal is to have a Eureka dish! à la carte made from local ingredients: lamb, duck, nuts, honey and spices including Quercy saffron. Flavors that could be found in ancient Egypt. 33 restaurateurs responded. The operation began two months ago, and it ends at the end of September. If it seduces on paper, in reality, the results are mixed for the moment.

Difficulties for outlying restaurants

“We offer a Eurêka menu every day, but very often people don’t have their menu”, regrets Barbara who runs La Paillote in Saint-Sulpice. Indeed, a loyalty card has been set up for the first 100 participants. In each partner restaurant, people can receive a stamp. After 5, or 5 different restaurants visited, they receive a prize. “Of the fifty prizes, only 2 or 3 have left for the moment”, indicates Pierre Kovacic, director of the Tourist Office of Grand Figeac – Lot and Célé Valleys.

Laurence Fage, who runs Le café de la paix, in Saint-Cirgues, is more optimistic: “In June and July, we had to make around thirty Eureka dishes”. Even if she notes some obstacles to the smooth running of the operation: “People do not come especially for that, it is rather a very local clientele”. An observation that Barbara also makes. “It may be because we are in the valley, very out of the way, that it works less,” she tries to explain. Indeed, of the 33 restaurants, half are in Figeac. “But the rest is well distributed,” says Pierre Kovacic.

“The mayonnaise took”

In Figeac, many restaurateurs are happy with this initiative. Elza, who works at the Annex, even draws a “positive balance sheet”. She explains: “People ask us what this Eureka operation is. We created a salad for the occasion, and it works really well.” Attracting curiosity was indeed one of the main goals of the Tourist Office.

“This is a first, we will improve over time. We really wanted to unite the restaurateurs around a project, because they are important in the choice of the holiday destination. The mayonnaise took”, jokes Pierre Kovacic. More than to hope that it will also take on the side of consumers, tourists as well as Figeacois.

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