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Older children will also be entitled to their Happy Meal. McDonald’s has announced the launch of a limited edition of the children’s favorite menu revisited for adults. Enough to make burger lovers salivate.

For the occasion, the American giant has collaborated with the Cactus Plant Flea Market clothing brand. This Happy Meal 2.0, marketed this Monday, October 3 in the United States, already promises some nice surprises.

McDonald’s launches Happy Meal menu for adults

It is ” one of the most nostalgic McDonald’s experiences” that ” we’re repackaging in a hyper-relevant new way for our adult fans“, rejoiced the director of marketing for McDonalds in the United States, Tariq Hassan, in a press release.

Unlike the menu that rocked our childhood, the box will be green and not red. You can also choose between a Big Mac or 10 chicken nuggets, all served with fries and a drink ” for the ultimate meal“.

Toys designed (and revisited) for adults

And like its little brother, the Happy Meal for adults will offer a toy… and not just any! Food lovers will find inside their box a figurine of an emblematic McDonald’s character: Hamburglar, Birdie or Grimace, redesigned for the occasion by Cactus Plant Flea Market… all for 14.69 dollars, or just over 15 euros.

Always on the lookout, McDonald’s released its very first Nutri-score A beef burger on September 6. A recipe offered in the brand’s French restaurants for a period of six weeks.

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McDonald’s France “is committed to Nutri-Score”

Recipes that are both tasty, healthy and colorful with particular attention paid to the bread, the sauce and the amount of raw vegetables (more than 40% of the composition of the sandwich). A small feat that required almost two years of work for the teams of the leader in fast food

We are proud to have been the first fast food player to commit to Nutri-Score in France in 2021. and we continue our efforts in favor of sustainable and responsible foodsays Xavier Royaux, Senior Vice-President Marketing, Insight, Design & Chief Marketing Officer. This illustrates the strategy of expansion and nutritional optimization of the range”.

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