Precy-sur-Oise. Trial of Albanian burglars postponed due to absence of defense lawyers

Illustration photo by Rafael Classen / Pexels.

As much to say right away, the climate was not the most serene at the start of the morning, this Monday, October 24, at the Senlis court where three Albanian nationals were to be tried for several burglaries committed in Précy-sur-Oise, on 3 last January.

It is indeed with a certain astonishment and an equally visible cold anger that President François Detton and Michel Mazars, the public prosecutor, noted that of the three alleged criminals, only one had accepted his extraction. The other two also detained for another reason had indeed refused to appear and icing on the cake, on the advice of his lawyer for one of them.

An absolute scandal for the magistrates who pointed out that the defense lawyers had not even bothered to consult the file: a regrettable situation for the representative of the public prosecutor’s office because the victims of these repeated breaks were indeed present in the courtroom.

This file is sent back to next January 23 in the hope that, this time, the defendants will be present or “will shine”once again, by their absence…


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