Postman sees dog choking and immediately takes action

In the Gard, a dog in very bad shape was rescued in extremis by a postman. The animal was suffocating, because its collar had caught on a tree, and its mistress could not help it. The intervention of the postman was decisive.

It’s well known that relationships between dogs and letter carriers aren’t always smooth sailing, but there are a few exceptions. There are also some beautiful stories of friendship, such as that of frannie the Chihuahua and Dan the postman, or Moose the Golden Retriever and his big mail delivery buddy.

The story in question here could well be the starting point of another beautiful complicity. This is the rescue of a canine by a postman from the Gard, who was there at the right time when the quadruped was in the greatest distress.

Illustration of the article: A postman sees a dog choking and immediately takes action

Reported by Free lunchthe facts took place at Bagnols-sur-Ceze (30). Gaëtan Planelles ensured the distribution of mail as a temporary worker at the local post office. At midday he was pedaling down the street Marie Curie when he was challenged by the frantic barking of a dog.

Called vicky, the latter was agitated in the garden of his mistress, a septuagenarian. He went back and forth, running and jumping. Carried away by its momentum, its collar snagged on a tree branch, and the poor animal thus found itself suspended by the neck.

He stepped in despite his fear of dogs

He had to act fast, because he was choking. Gaëtan Planelles called the owner of vicky, but she couldn’t pick it up. The postman then decided to intervene himself, putting aside his fear of dogs to save his life.

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The hostess brought him a saw, which he used to cut the branch from which the dog was hanging. vicky was free again and could breathe freely.

The incident, fortunately, had no consequences on the animal. The outcome would have been very different without the presence of mind and the courage of Gaëtan Planelles. ” That’s a beautiful storyhe told Free lunch. I’m happy for the lady because her dog is healthy “.


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