Political violence in the United States, the first steps of Giorgia Meloni in Italy, the vitality of French parties and unions… The informed of franceinfo on Saturday October 29

Around Laetitia Krupa, the correspondents of the foreign press discuss the news of Saturday October 29, 2022.

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The themes :

– United Statesthe aggression of the husband of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who points to the legacy of Donald Trump

– Italythe 100th anniversary of the march on Rome and Giorgia Meloni who chose Brussels for her first official trip

– In Francethe launch of the membership campaign for the presidential Renaissance party in need of militants

– National Assemblytumults in sight with a new 49.3 announced for Monday?

The informed:

Brigitte Adesjournalist, UK bureau chief for the magazine Politique Internationale

Ana Navarro PedroPortuguese press correspondent

Richard WerleyFrane-Europ correspondent for the Swiss daily Blick

Paul LeviItalian correspondent in Paris for the Ansa press agency

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