Planch’Alizé destroyed and replaced by a roundel: “we will present an application file like all the candidates”, informs the owner of the restaurant

The town hall of Saint-Paul has decided that a roundabout will be built set back from the beach and will be the subject of a call for projects to replace the current Planch’ Alizé, in Saint-Gilles. The restaurant at the heart of many controversies put forward by the collective SOS DPM 974, defender of the maritime public domain, will therefore be destroyed. Its owner, Jean-Claude Vergoz, speaks in a press release.

Planch’ Alizé press release

Jean-Claude VERGOZ, manager of Planch’Alizé, a well-known place of relaxation on the west coast, wishes today to provide details concerning his beach establishment, while only detractors and the municipality of Saint-Paul had spoken. until now.

– About the municipal decision of September 8, 2022

Regarding the municipal decision of September 8, 2022 relating to anew location of the current establishment behind the beach on a private communal plot, Jean-Claude VERGOZ declares himself serene and confident. ” Moving the existing building back, as planned by the Saint-Paul City Council, might be a long-term solution. I remember the strong winds of Cyclone Firinga in 1989: they completely destroyed the building at the time. And we must also anticipate the consequences of rising sea levels with global warming. he says.

– On a future call for projects from the Town Hall to occupy a space set back from the current establishment

When the Town Hall issues a new call for projects, we will submit an application and all relevant elements to support our request, as all applicants “.

On the occupation of public space to date

Lhe occupation of public space by Planch’Alizé has always been done in compliance with environmental law and legislation. No erosion of the beach has been observed to date. Our activities and services have been adapted in line with customer requests and changes in legislation. The installation, light, in accordance with the conditions set by the Authorization for Temporary Occupation (AOT), is in good condition and regularly maintained “.

– On the property of the current building

Before having the Municipal Council vote on the decision of September 8, 2022 relating to a new location of the current establishment, behind the beach, on a private municipal plot, the Town Hall of Saint-Paul had a legal study carried out, jointly with the Prefecture of Reunion. This study concluded that I am the owner of the current structure and that it can be authorized in the same way as the neighboring constructions. The Town Hall therefore suspended the competitive bidding procedure, launched in August 2019, for the award of a Temporary Occupation Authorization (AOT) for a restaurant and beach equipment rental activity on the site that we currently occupy. »

– On the financial support for the deconstruction of the current building

A sum has been provisioned by the Municipal Council of Saint-Paul, in the event that I will not be able to finance the dismantling of the current building myself. We must be clear: the town hall will only take charge of a dismantling as a last resort. Know that as the owner of this building, I assume all my responsibilities and will fully finance its dismantling, according to the requests of the authorities. “.

– On the use of the beach located in front of the establishment

Planch’Alizé is not the only establishment on the west side to exploit the part of the beach facing it. Other hotels and establishments also have a similar authorization “.

On the competition and the number of beach establishments in the west

There is a real lack of infrastructure to welcome tourists on the western beaches. Planch’Alizé cannot satisfy everyone. Whatever the sector of activity, competition is positive and creates jobs. I’m in favor “.

On the number of Planch’Alizé employees

Many questions arise about the number of our employees. We count 48 direct jobsbetween permanent contracts and fixed-term contracts, depending on our pace of activity over the year “.

– On the storage of corals on the beach

We respect the protocol in force relating to the management of corals. We store them in heaps at the top of the beach, exceptionally during big swells, about ten times a year. The SPL Tamarun, responsible for the maintenance of the beaches on the west side, applies the same protocol on the beaches it takes care of. “.

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