Pirate, police cat, has been the mascot of this police station for six years

Pirate, the cat who became a policeman, likes to rest not far from his colleagues’ cars. ©DR

You probably know Rex, the police dog. But do you know Pirate, the police cat ? It is in a police station of Seine-et-Marne that the tomcat has accompanied the daily life of police officers for almost 6 years.

If the story of this cat has not been easy, it is part of a great adventure.

A wanderer arrived at the post

It’s a long road that has led Pirate to where it is today. “He made his first appearance in 2016 in the courtyard of the police station. A few officials fed him, because he was thin and full of fleas, he was in a bad state,” confides Paul*, a police official.

When they took him to the veterinary, to everyone’s surprise, the cat was neither chipped nor tattooed. “We continued to see him coming, we tolerated him and he went a little further each time in the police station. »


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The cat, who does not like cuddles, has nevertheless started to sit on police desks “Everyone likes cats, so there weren’t too many problems, sometimes he asks for food, but otherwise he remains very discreet. »

It was then necessary find a name to this cat, which was easy:

When the vet examined him, he told us that this cat had a dead eye, we quickly thought of Pirate.

Paul, police officer who deals with Pirate

Pirate, a real mascot

See a police cat is not very common. But what are his missions ? “Of course, we do not take the cat on our interventions. It is above all a mascot that we take care of,” explains Paul.

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Like all cats, he mainly spends his time sleep. “One of our colleagues put him up for a while, so now when he hears his motor coming he immediately shows up at the door. »

Above all, Pirate does what he sees fit. He even happens to pop a head during the deposition of some complainants :

These people often come after an unfortunate or traumatic episode. Pirate sometimes allows them to smile again, he calms people down. But it is not us who place it there voluntarily!

Paul, police officer who deals with Pirate

The commission also wishes stay discreet as to its location, to avoid attracting the curious too much.

His former mistress found

Accumulating more than 16,000 fans on Instagram and near 17,000 on Tik Tok, Pirate is also present on Facebook and Twitter. This community that follows Pirate continues to grow. To the point where it is social networks that have made it possible to learn more about the mysterious past of Pirate. “In the fall of 2020, we received a message from a lady who introduced herself as the former owner of Pirate,” recalls Paul.

“She explained to us that in 2012, Pirate took a paintball ball in the head and that’s why he has a dead eye. She lost it in March and it came to us in the summer,” he says. She had set out to find him, but hadn’t succeeded and had moved away.

You can contribute to the purchase of kibble for Pirate by buying objects bearing his image, such as this flag with the portrait of the feline.
You can contribute to the purchase of kibble for Pirate by buying objects bearing his image, such as this flag with the portrait of the feline. ©Facebook/Lechatpolicier

“When she contacted us, she had no intention of getting it back. She was super happy to know that he was finally still alive and that he was being treated well. That’s when they learned Pirate’s first name : ” He was called Cannabisit’s normal that he ended up at the police station, ”he jokes.

It is the police station that takes care of the expenses, veterinary visits and food: “We have set up an association to sell derivative products such as badges or even mugs to cover the costs related to Pirate life. »

*His first name has been changed to maintain his anonymity.

Find Pirate on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok: @lechatpolicier. You can also participate in the life of the cat by going to the HelloAsso page.

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