pills, alcohol… Nicoletta lifts the veil on her dissolute life in the United States

On April 1, 2021, Patrick Juvet was found dead in his apartment in Barcelona by his agent. At 70, the artist succumbed to cardiac arrest. In the late 1970s, he moved to the United States to relaunch his career. Monday August 22, 2022, in a documentary broadcast on Paris Première, her friend Nicoletta confided: “America, you have to be prepared for it, especially when you’ve made a club hit. It makes you go to clubs a lot. You get lost anyway, it’s not an interesting life.In full transparency, the artist added:He did just about anything. There was no one to hold him back. He went out very late, he went out every night… He took on more painful things. He took pills, he drank on top of it. It puts you in a funny state.

Thursday August 18, 2022, in the columns of GalaNancy, Patrick Juvet’s sister, said: “I think it’s more about success with all that that entails: the incessant galas, parties, Patrick loved going out at night. Of course, not everyone falls into excess, unfortunately, he does. I do not know why. He was someone so sensitive, on edge, maybe too much… Alcohol doesn’t do anyone any good. Sometimes he sank, sometimes he got up and lived just fine without… That was the way it was.“Shortly after learning of the death of her friend, it was Amanda Lear who confided that the singer (…)

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