Photographer captures ‘underground rainbow’ in US ice cave

The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon to record. Imagine, then, if this spectacle of colors is not in the sky, but in a cave? In the United States, a photographer managed to capture this curious image and ended up going viral.

Mathew Nichols shared videos of the rare phenomenon, recorded in an ice cave in the US state of Washington. And the act was committed almost by chance, while the boy was hiking in the Mount Rainier area.

The impact of sunlight on the icy formation caught the photographer’s attention, who noticed a kind of “subterranean rainbow”. Nichols wasted no time. Save the image and share it on TikTok. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.

The photographer captured footage of a rainbow in a cave in the United States. Image: Mathew Nichols

The photographer detailed the experience. “We were there at the right time. The colors lasted for about two hours, then the vibration died down as the day progressed. Even though it was very cold exploring these ice caves, I didn’t want it to end!

Check out the images from the “Underground Rainbow”:

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