PHOTO Demi Moore: her daughter is already copying her puppy pouch, a rather unusual handbag

Crazy dog? Demi Moore assumes! And to always be close to her furry friends, she does not hesitate to adopt the dog bag, an essential accessory for all animal lovers. Thanks to him, she takes her pet everywhere with her… and inspires her daughter who does the same. Like Mother like daughter !

Demi Moore doesn’t go anywhere without his dog. The actress who just turned 60 in her property in Idaho in the middle of the mountains is truly addicted to her animals which she nurses like children. Moreover, on almost all the personal photos she publishes on Instagram, Demi Moore is regularly in the company of a pack of dogs of all sizes and coats. His ultimate companion? A Papillon Chihuahua named Pilaf that she had even taken to the Louvre (obviously, the dogs of stars have a pass to go see Mona Lisa !)
Recently, Demi Moore shared on her Instagram account a photo of herself at the Simard Bilodeau Contemporary Museum of Contemporary Art for the opening of the exhibition of the French painter and dancer Caroline Denevaud. And surprised: Pilaf was there too!

Demi Moore and Scout LaRue Willis adopt the puppy pouch to carry their dogs in slings

Is it a baby or a small dog? Whereas wealthy Los Angeles residents love strolling their doggies in strollersDemi Moore takes the extravagance even further wearing his chihuahua in a sling. In his shoulder strap tied around his bust, Pilaf sat proudly. And she even transmitted the passion of the dog bag to his daughter ! In the photo, Scout LaRue Willis, the youngest daughter she had with Bruce Willis, stands by her side, with her too a small dog in his shoulder strap. Coiled up against their mistresses, the two furballs seem to appreciate as much as they meet her with Caroline Denervaud during this opening. From the tennis match to the fashion show, Pilaf and the others are always present!

Very popular in the United States, the puppy pouch is a shoulder bag specially designed to transport small animals with you, like a baby. And while some may find this initiative a bit odd or ridiculous, it’s actually rather beneficial for pets that cannot stay home alone and which, like the chihuahua, cannot walk alongside us for long distances. And then even if it means having a dog, as long as it accompanies us everywhere!

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