Philippe Conticini reveals his daily savory and sweet recipes in his new ultra-gourmet book!

For the first time, chef Philippe Conticini shares his salty, but also sweet, daily recipes. Basic preparations, traditional dishes and desserts or revisited classics… Discover his latest book “Pas bon du tout”. What to fill up with advice and inspiration.

What if chef Philippe Conticini invites himself into our kitchens every day? No, it’s not a utopia but a reality with the release of its new book “Not good at all” published by Flammarion editions. Recognized by his peers and by the media as one of the major figures of contemporary French and international gastronomy, the French chef and pastry chef shares exclusively in this book her everyday sweet and savory recipes. On the menu: friendly and family ideas to please and have fun, share a good meal or a good dessert together. The book “Pas bon du tout” can be found now in bookstores and on the internet. at a price of €29.90.

Daily recipes accessible to all

No more long and tedious preparations! With this book, chef Philippe Conticini accompanies us in the kitchen with recipes that he himself used to make for his wife and daughter.

We find in this book gourmet and original desserts such as mango cabbage, regressive snacks such as the chef’s recipe for light and crispy waffles, or revisited classics that make us salivate with envy, like caramel Liège or even chocolate and coconut spreads. Without forgetting the basic recipes essential to any good cook such as brioche dough, almond cream, but also vegetable broth.

Because yes, the great novelty is also the sharing of the chef’s savory recipes. Cod brandade, mashed potatoes, croque of lamb with thyme, but also summer salads, various verrines, roasts, pan-fried dishes and colorful bowls are on the menu. The recipes are intended to be simple and accessible to all to delight young and old gourmets during the week or on a special occasion. In total, these are no less than 60 tasty ideasto share with friends or family, which are presented in this book.

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Tips and advice from a great Chef

Beyond the recipes, Philippe Conticini goes even further by also sharing all tips and tricks to apply on a daily basis in the kitchen. Ideal for making life easier behind the stove, saving time or even twisting a dish according to your eating habits! You can thus become an expert in cooking entrecôte, a croque-monsieur pro (but not only!), while learning to prepare dishes like a restaurant for a “wow” effect with the guests. We all discover the chef’s little secrets to treasure : “ For cooking fish, I poach the salmon in its juice rather than cooking it. Thus, the salmon will not be pink on the bone but completely pearly and ultra-melting, almost like butter. I only keep the skin to hold the flesh together. we learn, for example, by leafing through the book.
What to be well accompanied from A to Z and say bye-bye to headaches. So, what are we waiting for to get started?

An exclusive recipe to make your mouth water…

Philippe Conticini’s mashed potato recipe

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people
• 1 kg of BF15 or Binje potatoes
• 1 dl semi-skimmed milk
• 400 g soft, cold butter
• 3 tbsp. at s. hot semi-skimmed milk
• Salt
• Black pepper (optional)

The little advice : First of all, get a potato masher and not a potato masher. The important thing is to have a mixer with a whisk.

Peel the potatoes, place them in cold water, then cut them into not too large cubes. Heat the milk and cut your butter into pieces. To cook the potatoes, place them in a large enough saucepan, cover with cold water (no more), cover (important) and start cold and over high heat. This type of cooking will cook the pieces of potatoes very quickly so that they don’t soak up too much water. When the potatoes are soft, prick them with a knife to check for doneness. Drain them, then pass them through a potato masher without waiting (the heat is important). Immediately add the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of hot milk then mix with a whisk little by little, but quickly. Add the pieces of cold butter. Always leave your salad bowl (or other container) on a heat source (bain-marie, hob, etc.). Add hot milk if necessary, but be careful not to make the puree runny. Salt to taste and pepper if desired. Place the mixture in the bowl of the stand mixer fitted with the whisk and stir at high speed for 40 seconds to aerate the puree. This step is very important. Get rid of it in your presentation dish, serve hot and… Be careful, you could fall down because… It’s not good at all, but really not good at all and even, no… I’m kidding!

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Philippe Conticini – “Not good at all: My salty and sweet recipes”

© Editions Flammarion
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