Pet: name of a dog!

According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, there are 355 dog breeds to date. Nevertheless, we continue to make them today, with the “labraniche” for example, a cross between a poodle and a Labrador. Despite their great differences, the husky, the dachshund, the dalmatian or even the chihuahua, all come from a single and unique ancestor: the gray wolf.

“From time immemorial, human beings have maintained complex relationships with a certain number of species. They have established natural ecological relationships with some, and for others, they have taken a new turn, which is first of all the result of a rapprochement between two species, within a system of tacit communications. This is how we must see the birth of these processes of domestication.” – Jean-Denis Vigne

Domestication was a crucial step in the development of human societies, and it was also for many species. What did we do so that the wolf, or also called canis lupus become canis lupus familiaris ?

Pet: name of a dog!“It’s our invention of the day, an invention with pedigree. Welcome to “Eureka!“.

“There is the aptitude, the lifestyle of the wild animal. Some are very fearful, others have, conversely, group lifestyles, with hierarchical and social rules. These modes of life will prefigure a predisposition to come into contact with species that have similar lifestyles, which can promote contact. – Christophe Hitte

To return to the origins of domestication, we are pleased to be with Jean-Denis Vigne, Director of Merit Research at the CNRS and Project Manager at the National Museum of Natural History. We are also with Christophe Hitteresearch engineer at the Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes, attached to the CNRS and the University of Rennes.

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