Pavia Canine Centre: an enthusiast takes care of the dogs

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Alain Guerri opened a dog training center to devote himself to his passion.

Passionate about animals and dogs in particular, Alain Guerri after a serious and trouble-free journey, and a dedicated training which is just as much, decided to make it his job. At the head of the center of Pavia, the young man exercises in a fully adapted, comfortable and functional place, as a canine educator.

After having exercised different professions, Alain has obviously found his way. “His master’s voice,” read the slogan. Using his expertise at the service of the greatest number, combined with his installation in Pavia, he took the plunge with unequivocal enthusiasm and great energy. “I started my business because it seems to me that there is a real need, centered on the dog, and on their relationship with their master, he confirms. I prefer to take care of this environment, c is more effective in the end, especially in the long term.” Convinced that “every dog ​​needs to be educated, whatever its breed, age, background or environment”, it can overcome most problems, however specific they may be. And of course, starting from the observation that prevention is better than cure, he can start a proper education from the youngest age of the dog.

His secret? “Benevolence”, he summarizes, while adding that “you should not humanize your dog too much, you have to find the right balance. People love their dog but do not necessarily know him. If there is children in the family, you also have to explain to them how to behave in front of a dog. I try to give everyone the keys so that everyone finds their place. But I also teach them how to keep their dog on a leash, “by their side”. And I adapt to people, as does the number of sessions, which is also adapted according to the needs of the animal and the master.”

A real passion for dogs which is not to displease his own animals, including his superb border collie, just as playful and mischievous as he is obedient. Because if his love for his four-legged best friends leaves no doubt, he never loses sight of the basic rules. A wonderful animal, but an animal…

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